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June 6, 2016

Seneqo measures indoor air quality and helps prevent onset of mold

The leading newspaper of Finland Helsingin Sanomat has reported multiple times in the last two months on mold problems in schools. The problem has also been in the news in the US with reports of approximately one-third of schools suffering from indoor air quality problems. The growth of mold and excess moisture causes permanent respiratory issues such as asthma, and can cause life-long allergies and high sensitivity to air quality. The problem may be caused by insufficient ventilation, poor building design, or airflow channels being blocked for a variety of reasons.

The usual response to mold damage in public buildings has been a one-time measurement to determine the extent of the problem, a consulting and design project to plan how to remedy the problem, and a construction project to implement the changes. However, only a fraction of these projects are successful, and often lack the budget to completely remedy the issue.

This problem can manifest years after construction, so continuously measuring indoor air quality is the only way to detect the onset of mold. On the other hand, one-time measurements are expensive to conduct, and so they cannot be done often.

Seneqo specializes in holistic environmental measurement through IoT, including energy efficiency, monitoring of water consumption and indoor air conditions using moisture, VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) and temperature sensors. Seneqo's solution improves the energy efficiency and carbon footprint of its customers through a patented measurement system and scalable data analysis solutions built on top of it.

With Seneqo's solution, we can measure the indoor air quality of schools in real time on a computer or a mobile device. Dangerous levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) produced by mold can be detected, and the staff informed, to avoid mold-related illness. In addition, we can use temperature and humidity sensors to calculate the dewpoint and improve airflow, heating, or insulation to avoid the conditions favorable for mold buildup.

Small and affordable IoT sensors can be installed to the building at the construction stage, or afterwards, roughly at the cost of a single traditional measurement. They can be placed at optimal positions, inside or outside of the building, to monitor moisture levels, temperatures, and VOC counts. They will continuously monitor the air quality and condition of the building, so that problems can be prevented instead of repaired after the fact.

We are more than happy to tell more about our expertise in energy efficiency and environmental measurement. Contact us for more details.

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